Impressive Results Of The 2011 Crocodile Trophy Race

The 2011 Crocodile Trophy attracted competitors from all over the world. After Urs Huber dropped out of the race, Jeroen Boelen had a clear path to the finish line and was willing to give it all in the hot outback sun.

Boelen and Krenn.  Photo: Event HostJeroen Boelen confirms his supremacy and is the overall winner of the 2011 Crocodile Trophy. After winning five of the ten stages, there’s no doubt that the 33-year-old rider deserved to win the 17th Crocodile Trophy.

After 1200 kilometers across the rainforests and outback of North Queensland he finished with almost an hour’s lead of Austrians Wofgang Krenn and Josef Benedseder. However, the competition could have played out differently, if main challenger Urs Huber from Switzerland hadn’t dropped out on the eve of the 9th stage.

Jeroen Boelen is a successful former road rider and his mountain bike career has now just begun. Earlier this year he finished, with Bart Brentjens, 7th in the Cape Epic.

“This victory is so important for me and for the team,” said winner Boelen. “The Crocodile Trophy has a big name in mountain bike community. It is important for my sponsors too. Without sponsors we have no sport. I am glad I can give them this victory.”

Boelen raced very consistently for ten days long and claimed his moment of honor in the 4th stage. It would not be his last victory of the race

“I think I am more talented as a road rider, but I needed a new challenge," explained Boelen.

Krenn, Boelen, Arnott, and Benedseder.  Photo: Event HostBoelen won Stage 5 and 6. It was in that 189 kilometer 6th stage that he took the leader’s jersey. Huber looked unbeatable, but broke that day. Like most of the riders that day, Huber punctured, but he also ran out of energy in the hot outback of Queensland.

In the last stage of the 2011 Crocodile Trophy, the Austrians and the Darrell Lea guys fought it out, but Jeroen Boelen came through victorious.


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Urs Huber wins Crocodile Trophy.  Copyright: Host
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