iXS European Downhill Cup 2011: Awesome Results From Chatel

Once again, the iXS European Downhill Cup finale made its way to Châtel, France. A total of 301 riders from 20 countries participated in the 2011 event, fighting to gain points for the overall rankings.

Marcus Klausmann.  Photo: Thomas DietzeThe 2011 iXS European Downhill Cup finale weekend kicked off with fantastic weather for the free training session, but conditions worsened as the event progressed.

Saturday morning saw the first rain, resulting in significant changes for the riders. By the time the seeding run came around it was dry again, however this didn’t change the fact that the course was still wet.

Marcus Klausmann had no problem with the poor conditions, fighting towards his goal of acheiving third place in the Series rankings – still a realistic option – with a best time of 2:48 mins.

Despite the continous rain on Sunday, many accepted the challenge of a race under extreme wet and cold conditions. Markus Pekoll had an excellent starting position to win the Series since his primary competitor Josh Button sustained an injury and was forced to call a premature end to his season.

In the Elite Women category it was already clear following the penultimate race that Miriam Ruchti would be taking the title for the fourth time in a row.

Markus Pekoll.  Photo: Thomas DietzeFlorent Payet grabbed the Red Bull Hot Seat in the Elite Men class with the initial best time. The end of the day saw the winner in Pila/ITA finishing fourth.

Markus Pekoll was first to beat Payet’s time and was visibly pleased, since his third place meant that he had gained overall victory. The previous year’s overall winner, Nick Beer, took second place at Châtel.

Marcus Klausmann was the last to ride the 2011 course and already had a 5 second lead at the interim time check. He was able to maintain this lead until crossing the finishing line; a clear winner with a time of 2:49 mins. This meant that he was able to achieve his goal of third place in the EDC overall rankings.

Emilie Siegenthaler won the Elite Women class of the iXS European Downhill event with a time 3:26 mins - ahead of Miriam Ruchti - and junior Sandra Reynier took third place.


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