Zejda won 2nd Písek Slopestyle

Písek Slopestyle - A great performance of the best freeride MTB racers seen in the Czech Republic. The town's historical centre replaced the common nature scenes so typical for freeride.

Marius Hoppensack beim Slopestyle.  Foto: Veranstalter Huge obstacles made of wood, steel and earth were tried by 30 riders from all over the world, including racers from the Czech Republic, too. The race began with two round qualification. However before the start  Jan „Netro“ Netrval, one of the favourites of the race was injured when he fell on the final extreme drop. This excluded him from the races that followed. 

Marius Hoppensack from Germany won the first round of the qualification, followed by Czech Tomáš Zejda and French racer Hatton. Ondřej Mladý, Ladislav Klauz or Kuba Vencl occupied the subsequent places. The second  qualification round did not bring any changes in the first and second places Hoppensack managed to increase the lead he obtained in the first round. Hatton lost his third place and fell to the fifth position, defeated by great rides of a Polish and German racers Obukowicz and Henrik Tafel.

The best sixteen racers qualified for the final. The prize was 6000 Euro to be divided between the three best riders. The first round of the race did not change the ranking seen in the qualification. The lead of Hoppensack followed by Zejda and Obukowicz. The best was about to come in the second part of final rides. All racers showed the best they could. Tomáš Zejda spiced up his ride with 360° combinations and one clean tailwhip from a drop over an armoured vehicle. He received the highest points of the day and secured him the first place in the race and thus a golden medal. Hoppensack had to accept the second place which he received with his perfect ride, showing totally clean ride with a tailwhip from a big drop by the ricer and a great combination of jumps at the consecutive water section built on a special pontoon on the river Otava. Filip Kamidra took a third place for a great barspin showed on the same drop.

Apart from that Slopestyle showed many backflips over the dirt obstaclesor aromoured vehicles and many other amazing tricks- More than 10 000 visitors were enjoyinf the atmosphere of the whole race on Pisek square, in Karlova Street and all around the historical city centre.

1. Tomáš Zejda (CZE), 177 points
2. Marius Hoppensack (GER), 176
3. Filip Kamidra (CZE), 166
4. Jan Toth (CZE), 155
5. Bartek Obukowicz (POL), 149


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