Telekom Extreme Playgrounds 2011: Fooshee And Webb Win

Tom Fooshee and Mark Webb made the crowds roar as the pulled off awe-inspiring feats at the 2011 Telekom Extreme Playgrounds event. The world's best extreme sport athletes flock to this unique competition to show off their skills.

Telekom Extreme Playgrounds 2011.  Photo: Event HostBoth Tom Fooshee and Mark Webb dominated again at the 2011 Telekom Extreme Playgrounds. For the fourth time in competition history, Fooshee was unstoppable and landed himself in first place.

His competitors, Rocco van Straten and Lior Sofer, were already trailing in the dust after his first run. Only German sunny boy Dominik Gührs was able to keep up with him, but even he had to tip his hat to Tom Fooshee after the American's second run (82.33).

Ultimately, Dominik had to settel for second place and Rocco van Straten took third. The freshly appointed WWA #1, Fredy von Osten, was all out of luck at the 2011 competition and was forced to take the bench after his second run.

Reed Hansen has been declared by many to be the best wakeskater of all time since nobody is able to beat him at the moment. This was his first appearance at the Telekom Playgrounds and his first contest on European soil, but that did not stop him from making it very clear that the title belongs to the USA.

Moritz Thiele was close, but had to be satisfied with second place in the end. Last year’s winner Tarik Ghoniem took third.

The BMX final was spectacular as UK top rider Mark Webb showed once again, that there´s no one better at the miniramp. With his first run he racked up 95.00 points, left everybody else behind and took his title home for the third time in a row.

The surprise rider of the 2011 Telekom Extreme Playgrounds was Daniel Tünte. The youngster was winner of the Telekom Local Support Miniramp Challenge, which brought him into the company of the pros.

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