T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds: New riders confirmed

All roads lead to Berlin. At least for the world’s best BMXers and skateboarders. November 29th and 30th they will gather together from all parts of the world to be part of the Street Session.

Chad Kagy.  Copyright: Kay ClaubergOn November 29th and 30th, the German capital will not only attract international art, fashion and music, but also the world’s best action sports activists. At that very weekend there will be skateboarders and BMXers with the highest titles and aspirations to compete and conquer at the internationally renowned T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds, taking part at the Velodrom.

The prices will be awarded in both BMX (street & vert) and skateboarding (street & vert, too). The most anticipated and thrilling BMX-duel on the street course will be the one between Ryan Guettler (Australia) and Daniel Dhers (Venezuela).

Dhers, two times winner of the X-Games, just won the AST Dew Tour in Florida last weekend; he’ll bring along American Rob Darden (3rd at the X-Games 08) to the Street Session. Vert-wise, BMXer Francisco Zurita from Chile wants to take the trophy to his home country. Newly confirmed US pro Zack Warden will surely complicate that enterprise. Not to mention Chad Kagy, who placed 2nd at the AST Dew Tour and Simon Tabron (3rd place AST Dew Tour) from Great Britain.

Skateboarders from all corners of the world will come and compete in Germany, too. Street-wise there will be the European champ 08, Phil Zwijsen from Belgium. Brazil sent its hero Carlos de Andrade and the Czech Republic did just the same with Thomas Vintr. Also in the game are Rodolfo Ramos from Brazil, Street Session 07 winner Alex Mizurov from Germany and Belgian super-rookie Axel Cruysberghs. Halfpipe-wise, France has its vert-delegate Terrence Bougdour and Denmark its national legend Nicky Guerrero, vice champ at the LG Action Sports world championship 07. Competing against them will Canadian Pierre Luc Gagnon, Australian Renton Millar and German hero Jürgen Horrwarth. Who might take home the trophy of honor? Well, that questions is open yet, but it will be answered at The Street Session in Berlin aka the probably most important skateboard and BMX contest that consists of an incredibly good and international action sports line-up.

Sweden sent its best skate punk band No Fun At All in order to provide some decent sound surrounding. Founded in 1991 in a nordic hicksville named Skinnskatteberg, the five boys, namely Ingemar Jansson (vocals), Mikael Danielsson (bass), Steven Neuman (guitar), Kjell Ramstedt (drums) und Krister Johansson (guitar) created a completely new and intense mix of punk rock songs.



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