From Dhers to Tabron: Top riders in Berlin

The Street Session at the Velodrom, November 29th and 30th will show you the world’s best BMXers. On the list of participants there are big names like Daniel Dhers, Ryan Guettler and Alessandro Barbero from Italy.

Extreme Playgrounds.  Foto: Kay ClaubergThe countdown for the Street Session 2008 is ticking. The world’s best BMXers are on their way to Berlin. On November, 29th and 30th the action will be „GO“ in the disciplines Street and Vert at the Velodrom. The starting field consists of ten invited riders, Street has three more qualifiants as well as a T-Mobile Wildcard winner.

Top favorite for Street is hot shot Daniel Dhers from Venezuela. Dhers won the X-Games two times and also took home victories both at this year’s AST Dew Tour in Florida as well as at the Action Sports Worldchampionships in Seattle. Australian Ryan Guettler, who got second at the Dirt Session 2008 will be Dhers biggest opponent; their battleground will be the ramps and rails on the street course. Also eager to get on top of it all will be last year’s Street Session winner Alessandro Barbero (IT) and the number three at the X Games 2008, Rob Darden (USA). Ben Wallace (Summer Session 2007 winner) and last year’s number two, Ben Hennon are both from Great Britain and will both give their best on the street course as well as their British compatriots Marc Webb and 17-year-old Summer Session 2008 winner Harry Main. Top rookies from Germany like Bruno Hoffmann and Kevin Liehn (20) from Berlin will perform at the highest level, too.

Halfpipe-wise Englishman Simon Tabron, number three at the AST Dew Tour 2008 and winner of the Street Session 2007 will give everything to gain the title. Eager to get the biggest trophy will also be Tabrons compatriot Chad Kagy (number two at the X Games 2008 and at the AST Dew Tour), the US pros Jay Eggleston (placed second at the X Games 2007) and Zack Warden (8th place at the X Games 2008) as well as Francisco Zurita from Chile, who got third at the Street Session 2007 and second at the BMX Masters 2008. Furthermore there will be English BMX rider Ronnie Remo and his two opponents from the US, Austin Coleman and Jorge Jovel. Current German master Benjamin Kopp and Tim Eichert are ready and eager to make it to the top as well.

Next to maximum BMX exposure there will be some skateboarding extravagaza at the Street Session as well. The contest held will be the only World Cup of Skateboarding Event in Germany this year. Top favorite in the halfpipe is X Games winner Pierre Luc Gagnon from Canada, whereas on the Street course all eyes will be on the new German master and last year’s winner Alex Mizurov. In between the final rounds there will be three bands playing live. The Offspring, No Fun At All and Sugarplum Fairy are ready to deliver some great times to you.

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Massive Party in Cologne during the BMX Masters 2008

Sunshine paved the way for an extraordinary BMX spectacular. More than 500 riders from 31 nations fooled the forces of gravity and triggered off cheers of ecstasy of more than 14.000 fans. Motivated by enthusiastic ovations the riders were pushed to peak sports performances.

Chad Kagy.  Copyright: Kay Clauberg

T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds: New riders confirmed

All roads lead to Berlin. At least for the world’s best BMXers and skateboarders. November 29th and 30th they will gather together from all parts of the world to be part of the Street Session.

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