Simon Tabron Wins ASA Action Sports World Tour BMX Vert Title

The finals of the ASA Action Sports World Tour’s (ASA ASWT) Kings Island event in Cincinnati, Ohio delighted park visitors with shows that pushed the limits of everyone’s expectations and crowned champions more than deserving of recognition.

ASA Action Sports World Tour event at Kings Island.  Copyright: ASA Action Sports World TourBMX Vert’s Simon Tabron (Newquay, England) took the top podium spot with a smile across his face that is classic Tabron and reminiscent of the champion fans have known him to be.

“I’ve had so much fun this week,” said Tabron after the contest. “Being here and winning [at Kings Island] has been great.

Tabron entered the BMX Vert contest as the number one qualifier and in the envious position of being the last rider to compete, both an advantageous position and sometimes a curse.

“I had planned to do everything in my first run,” said Tabron, describing today’s strategy. “I was prepping for all my tricks, including the 900, but I lost so much speed on the early walls, that I would have wrecked had I tried it. So, I just thought that the first run is the one I have to drop and I have to nail everything in my last run.”

Placing outside of the top three in the first round, Tabron realized he had to be spot on in his last run to win. At that point Chad Kagy (Gilroy, Calif.) was in the lead with Jimmy Walker (Gilberts, Ill.) in second and Denver, Colorado’s Jay Eggleston in third.

“I had to revise my plan and do what was necessary to win, even though I was draining in the day’s heat.” Tabron said. A near perfect 900 amidst an extraordinarily solid run was enough to propel him to the lead and the title. Rounding out the top three were Kagy and Walker, second and third respectively.

ASA Action Sports World Tour event at Kings Island.  Copyright: ASA Action Sports World TourAncillary activities this weekend included numerous Freestyle Motocross exhibitions by Jimmie McGuire (Lawton, Oklahoma), Brian Foster (Minden, Nev.), and Dustin Nowak (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.).

This weekend the’s booth hosted a raffle to give away four BMX bikes – 2 Hoffman Pro Bikes and 2 Eastern Bikes – to support the Mike Vincent Fight for Sight fund.

Vincent, a former BMX judge present at many ASA events, was severely injured last year when, while riding his bike to work, he was struck by a hit and run driver which resulted in various injuries, including the loss of his sight. After numerous surgeries and much therapy, Mike made his first appearance this weekend, greeting fans and competitors for the first time since the accident.

On June 1st Vincent heads to China to undergo intensive surgery, which is expected to remarkably enhance his chances of regaining his vision. This weekend’s raffle was to help pay for the many expenses associated with trip and the surgery, and Vincent couldn’t have been happier with the outpouring of support.

Accepting any donation with graciousness and appreciation, Mike and his mother were overwhelmed at the more than $3,000 that were raised this weekend which included Steven McCann’s (Melbourne, Australia) check for $800, the winnings for his performance this weekend.

“It was a positive spin to the weekend for Steve,” said Tabron of his good friend’s actions. For more information on the Mike Vincent Fight for Sight fund, visit

Corey Bohan.  Copyright: Dan Vojtech

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Chad Kagy Photos: Jared Souney for ASA Entertainment.

Action Sports World Tour 2009 stops at Ohio

High-flying thrills will abound when the ASA Action Sports World Tour 2009, one of the industry’s oldest and most elite action sports circuits, makes a stop at Cincinnati's Kings Island for two days of intense competition.

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