Red Bull Descenso del Condór 2012: Slovakian wins in downtown La Paz

Slovakian Mountainbiker Filip Polc claimed the victory in the action packed race through donwtown La Paz. Descenso del Condór was held in the bolivian capital for the third time and once again a huge crowd cheered on the contestants.

Red Bull Descenso del Cóndor 2012.  Foto: Patricio Crooker/Red Bull Content PoolSlovac Filip Polc was crowned champion of the highest urban downhill in the world: Red Bull Descenso del Cóndor. An itinerary that started at a height of 4.050 meters above sea level and ended 1.6 kilometers further at 3.600 meters above sea level in the city of La Paz.

Descenso del Cóndor: Final

As the eight finalists gathered at the starting point on the Morning  27th November the first spectators already  came close to the track to witness this special highlight and to cheer their favorite riders down to the finish line in downtown La Paz. After the track was checked for the last time by specialists, the riders took the steep streets of La Paz to show their skills on a bike.

Red Bull Descenso del Cóndor 2012.  Foto: Luis Vidales/Red Bull Content Pool As the people crowded more and more in the narrow streets to have a better view of this challenge, the riders started in one minute intervals on the course. The track covered nearly 500 meters in height difference from the start to the finish line, where even the major of La Paz showed up around midday to hand out the prizes to the winners.
“I feel very proud of having won my first race in La Paz. It has been a very technical ride, but I liked it from the first moment”, said calm and smiling Filip Polc, after becoming the champion of this race in which 37 riders started, to have only the best 8 riders in the Final.

Descenso del Cóndor: The Winner

“It is a very technical race, and the most dangerous and difficult that I have ever raced”, explained Yannick Wende, who received an ovation from the public as he arrived at the finish line in the final. “I am very surprised to have finished in second place, and I am certainly extremely happy. I had some problems during the journey but at the end I made it”.
The competition was open to all riders over 18 that dare take on this challenge that included, among other things, more than 1.000 steps, 9 drops and a loss of 40% of oxygen. It is the third time this championship is held. The 2005 winner was Kyle Strait and in 2006 the champion was Yannick Wende, who finished second in this third edition.

More information about the event (in spanish) can be found on the Red Bull Descondo del Cóndor website.

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