Preview - Red Bull X-Fighters 2008 in Wuppertal

At the X Games, Jeremy Lusk clipped Mat Rebeaudís wings. On August 16 the trans-continental freestyle duel will see its next round Ė at Germanyís first Red Bull X-Fighters.

Freestyle Motocross auf Weltniveau bei den Red Bull X-Fighters. Those wanting to achieve something in Wuppertal can’t be demure. In the German Industrial city, money has been earned for generations in jobs that give you a muscle ache and get your hands dirty – and often aren’t without risk. Certain guest workers who are used to similar things will find their way to the Oetelshofen quarry on August 16. For the first time, Red Bull X-Fighters will be celebrating the meeting of industry and FMX.

The raw charm of the Ruhr district has been transformed into a course encompassing 6000 square meters. Three-hundred and fifty workers took 50,000 working hours, moved 12,000 tons of soil and detritus, to set up the course. On the largest and most challenging track of the year, riders will negotiate numerous ramps, obstacles as well as two quarterpipes and a step-up, which means that the event is going to be held on two different levels of the compound.

And there is one rider who’s especially interested in the excavation of precious metal in Wuppertal. The one who, at the X Games on August 3, was caught off-guard by Jeremy Lusk’s surprise success. Doubly motivational for him is the fact that the Californian wasn’t exactly modest in the interviews he gave after the event. ‘In our sport there’s no such thing as luck,’ Lusk said, analyzing the event. ‘The best one wins.’ Up to now, it’s been Red Bull X-Fighters overall leader Mat Rebeaud, second to Lusk in LA, who was considered the best FMX rider. Mat is hoping for revenge in Wuppertal. ‘In any case, all my friends are going to be in the crowd because my home in Switzerland isn’t that far away.’


Mat Rebeaud wins Red Bull X-Fighters in Germany

Switzerlandís Mat Rebeaud cemented his dominance of the 2008 Red Bull X-Fighters in Wuppertal on Saturday, notching up his fourth victory of the season in the explosive Oetelshofen Quarry.

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