10 Questions to Ryan Nyquist

The legend Ryan Nyquist discusses his worst injury ever, whether or not he would advice his kids to ride bmx and what he wishes to do in five years time.

Ryan Nyquist.  Copyright: Ludger AundrupWhen did you start with BMX?
I started riding Bikes in 1991 and have been competing since 1995.

What makes BMX addictive?
For me it’s the creativity and the challenge that BMX gives me. I’m always trying to progress my riding and learn something new

Which talents and virtues are necessary to become a good BMX-rider?
You definitely need to know how to RIDE a bike. Other than that, just being able to have fun and  take a crash.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Not sure where I’ll be in 5 years time. I never thought I’d be here so I guess I’ll just have to see what happens. Hopefully I’ll still be healthy and riding well.

Could you tell us about your freakiest accident or worst ever injury?
My worst ever injury was probably when I tore my ACL in my knee. The pain was so intense and it took me many months to get it fixed and feeling right.

The Dirt Session features the worlds top riders. How would you describe the vibe among the athletes? Competition and Friendship – do they go together?
The vibe is very relaxed at the competition. Obviously we are all there to ride our best, but it doesn’t get too serious.

Would you allow your kids to walk in your footsteps – or would you advise them to pursue a career in chess?
I’m going to support my kids in whatever it is they want to do…chess or bike riding or soccer or anything.

Does the Dirt Session mark your first appearance at T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds?
No this will be my second appearance. I attended and was able to win the event last year.

What do you expect to achieve in this competition?
I hope to ride well and have a good time. I think having a good time will be easy, the riding part will be a bit harder. Hahahaha

Extreme Playgrounds presents action sports and music at the same event. What do you think about this concept?
I think it’s a great concept. We all like to have music playing in the background while we are riding so why not have live music going on at the same venue we are competing at.

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