10 Questions to Kye Forte

The UK BMX World Champion Kye Forte founded Empire of Dirt. For the FUNSPORTING-Interview he reveals his secrete about his favourite BMX film, the best spots to ride and his big love for dirt.

Kye Forte.  Foto: Ludger AundrupHow did you get into BMX?
Being one of three brothers, we always used to just hack bikes around the garden at home, much the same as any other kids.  Our dad always rode Moto bikes, so it was natural for us to get into 2 wheels.

At what age did you start?
I think I first started to ride at about 7 years old. I started racing at 12 then did that until I was about 19. I always enjoyed the jumping side more so here I am 20 years later.

What makes BMX addictive?
Just the buzz of pulling a sweet run, learning new tricks is a cool challenge. The travelling is a bonus & meeting new people. I like the fact that you can build a jump out of nothing but dirt, yet it can be so much fun.

What are your favourite spots to ride?
My favourite spot would probably be my home Trails at Decoy. We have had so many good sessions there, with friends over the year’s, I love it. Just wish it was dry more often.

Which BMX rider has been your hero and an inspiration for you and why?
I guess that would be Brian Foster, he’s always had good style can ride anything, & used to race also.

Which BMX rider do you like better and why: Cory Bohan or Chris Doyle?
That’s hard. They both ride in a different way. They both got tricks & style which I like, its even Steven’s on that one.

How did you come up with the idea of the Empire of Dirt?
Its just a way of changing contests up a bit, making it more about the terrain & flow than how many spins or flips you can do? I guess it ended up being rally gnarly & fun which was cool. Thanks to Red Bull again for that one.

What’s your favourite BMX video and which BMX part do you like best?
Best video was Anthem for sure. Section? Van Homan little devil Criminal Mischief, Savage beast!

What’s been the best contest of your career?
Would have to Empire of Dirt, was mega stress organising & riding, but was well worth it.

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