Dany Torres Gives FMX Show In Chinchon Spain

Chinchon, a town just south of Madrid, was the setting for the preview show to the 2010 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. Spain's beloved Dany Torres gave everyone a taste of what is to come in the upcoming FMX season.

FMX Preview In Chinchon.  Photo: Predrag Vuckovic, Joerg Mitter for Global Newsroom.comThe charming town of Chinchon is located just 40 Kilometers south of Madrid. At its center is one of the olders bullfighting arenas in all of Spain.

This arena has a direct connection to the bullfight arena, Las Ventas, in Madrid, where, on Thursday and Friday, the best motocrossers in the world are scheduled to compete.

The center of Chinchon was the ideal place for 2009 winner, Dany Torres, and Maikel Melero to give a preview of the fourth edition of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour, which is going to be held in Madrid.

It is surrounded by three-floored houses and their balconies are used thoughout the year to provide viewing spots for the 3,000 spectators. Seats out made out of wooden planks are also additionally assembled for this purpose.

FMX Preview In Chinchon.  Photo: Predrag Vuckovic, Joerg Mitter for Global Newsroom.comMelero and Torres were also impressed by the set up in Chinchon: „The place seem to be ready to keep on hosting some more motocross!“


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