Dirt Session Duisburg: New riders confirmed

The world’s best BMX dirt jumpers and mountain bike slopestylers will pull their best moves over the steep hills made of tons of mud inside the Kraftzentrale at the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, April 19th.

Dirt Session 2008.  Copyright: AundrupThey’re flying again! April 19th will be the day that will test everyone’s neck and its resilience. International action sports superstars will fight & fly inches below the Kraftzentrale’s rooftop at the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord. BMX Dirt Jump and Mountainbike Slopestyle are the two trophy-chasing topics on the spectacular program of this world class contest. 

Attending the BMX contest will be Dennis Ennarson (USA), the world’s best dirt rider and two-time winner of the biggest US action sports series, the DEW Tour (07 & 08) as well as womanizer and French dirt legend Patrick Guimez, the current and yet undefeated dirt jump world champ since 2005, Kye Forte from the UK as well as regional favorit Benny Paulsen. They will compete against Rob Darden (USA), street winner of the Street Session 2008 as well as the hottest Brazilian dirt export, Diogo Canina and Germany’s best dirt rider Markus Hampl.

To complete the list that consists of some of the world’s best mountain bikers, US legend John Cowan, trick wizard Phil Sundbaum (USA), British matador Grand Fiedler and Pierre Grawitter, a pro from Wuppertal, were invited too. They’re enemies will be last year’s winner Paul Bassagoita (USA) as well as Lance McDermott (UK) who placed second and Germany’s best street rider and Duisburg local Marius Hoppensack and three more set mountain bike experts.

National pros and talented rookies can qualify for the big contest in Duisburg via the Local Support Dirt Challenge in Mainz, March 28th. That’s the only chance for both 4 BMXers and mountainbikers to save a place in the high-profile starting field at the Dirt Session and to compete against the world’s best action sports athletes.

Tickets for the Extreme Playgrounds are available at all official booking offices and cost 23 Euros + charges. Smart spenders can buy the 5-friends-ticket (pre-sale only) for 89 Euros + charges which basically means pay 4 four & party with 5! Each ticket implies a free ride to the event and back (VRR & DB trains, 2nd class). 

For more informations click www.t-mobile-playgrounds.de.


BMX Worlds are coming home.  Copyright: Dan Vojtech

BMX Worlds come back to Cologne

After 25 years of BMX at Cologne Jugendpark, there has to be an adequate celebration for this historical anniversary. Due to this the next World Championships will take place in Cologne.


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