Dirt Session in Duisburg: The Playgrounds are coming

Higher, further, faster! On April 19th the world's best athletes of BMX Dirt Jump and Mountainbike Slopestyle will be in Duisburg - Germany - to celebrate the Dirt Session of the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds.

Dirt Session 2008.  Copyright: AundrupMuddy spring break in Duisburg. On April 19th, the world's best riders in BMX Dirt Jump and Mountainbike Slopestyle will burn through the Kraftzentrale, hurling themselves up and down into breathtaking heights. And now we know which internationally known heroes are going to attend: The invited starting field is complete!

New in the field are last year's BMX winner Ryan Nyquist (USA), his Australian counterpart and vice-champion Ryan Guettler and also Romuald Noirot from France. In Duisburg they will compete against already confirmed top riders like the acting BMX World Champion Kye Forte (UK), Brasil's dirt devil Diogo Canina, the international winner of the year 2008 Rob Darden (USA) and the versatile Patrick Guimez from France. Bringing the champion's title to Germany, that's the goal of the presently probably best German dirt rider Markus Hampl and local hero Benny Paulsen. With slightly bigger tires, but the same velocity, Duisburg will be hit by the internationally dreaded elite of Mountainbike Slopestyle. Freshly confirmed are the young English supertalent Sam Pilgrim, US star Adam Hauck and the Norwegian top rider Trond Hanson. They'll meet MTB legend John Cowan (USA), trick master Phil Sundbaum (USA), British matador Grant Fielder, Slopestyle winner 2008 Paul Bassagoita (USA) and the seeded player from 2008, Lance McDermott (UK). Representing Germany are the Wuppertal-based pro Pierre Grawitter and Duisburg's local hero Marius Hoppensack, who is also Germany's best street rider.

The official qualification to the Dirt Session is going down at the T-Mobile Local Support Dirt Challenge, on March 28 in Mainz. Six national professionals and two emerging talents will get the one-time chance to compete neck to neck with the action sports superstars in Duisburg.

Next to the peak sports performances, the Dirt Session offers some musical experiences as well. NOFX are going to play their only gig in Germany 2009, supported by Dan Dryers and the freshly confirmed Punk colleagues The Flatliners from Toronto.

Tickets are available through most ticket agencies at 23 Euros plus fee. A true bargain for that much action. And still there's an opportunity to save a few, because there's the 5-Friends-Ticket available through the advance sale—five tickets for the price of four. And last but not least, the tickets are valid return tickets for all public service vehicles of the VRR (DB 2nd class) on the day of the event.

Dirt Session 2008 Copyright: Aundrup

Dirt Session Duisburg: New riders confirmed

The world’s best BMX dirt jumpers and mountain bike slopestylers will pull their best moves over the steep hills made of tons of mud inside the Kraftzentrale at the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, April 19th.


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