Crocodile Trophy 2012: Mountainbike-Race through the Outback

One of the most challenging Mountainbike-Races on this Planet has come to an end. The Crocodile Trophy 2012 finished on 28th October in Cooktown. Who claimed the win?

Crocodile Trophy 2012.  Photo: Crocodile Trophy/Regina StangerAn excited crowd of spectators welcomed the Czech 2012 Crocodile Trophy winner Ivan Rybarik on Grassy Hill in Cooktown today. On the ninth stage into Cooktown, Josef Benetseder crowned the Crocodile Trophy 2012 with a stage win for Austria ahead of Mike Mulkens from Belgium and the Australian Luke Haines. Ondrej Fojtik claims the overall second place and Wolfgang Krenn comes in third.

Crocodile Trophy 2012: The Race

Crocodile Trophy 2012.  Photo: Crocodile Trophy/Regina StangerCooktown was Captain Cook’s first landing place and is a meeting place for the Aboriginal people of today’s Far North Queensland. So it seems that it is only fitting that the Crocodile Trophy racers arrived today at the historic Grassy Hill after days of immense efforts racing their bikes and experiencing adventures in the Outback together with likeminded cyclists from all over the world.
Together they endured more than 900 kilometers and 16,000 meters of climbing and many will return home having found new friends for life. Josef Benetseder was the fastest rider of the day and claimed his first Crocodile Trophy stage win. “Last year I got second three times, so I came back to win a stage”, said the beaming Austrian road racer today. “It was much harder this year and those technical mountain bike stages were challenging, but today I knew it was a stage for me.”
The field had been started in staggered starts with the leaders in the GC riding out of Laura onto the wide and undulating gravel roads last. That way most of the riders arrived together on Grassy Hill and celebrated their achievements of the past nine days. Mike Mulkens from Belgium was second today and the Australian Luke Haines third.

Crocodile Trophy 2012.  Photo: Crocodile Trophy/Regina StangerCrocodile Trophy 2012: The Winner

With an impressive performance and four stage wins, Ivan Rybarik is the 2012 Crocodile Trophy champion. He arrived together with second and third on the podium and after congratulating Ondrej Fojtik and Wolfgang Krenn he of his race, “I just had such a good time racing the Crocodile Trophy this year.”
He added that he wanted to thank his wife Yana and daughter Elena who had supported him in preparation for the adventure stage race on the other side of the world and his Rubena Rocky Trail Racing Team, “My business partner Ondrej and his Hana were great and looked after me these past weeks and motivated me each day. We just had such a great time, in our team camp the atmosphere was always positive, we were chatting and talking about biking all the time. It was really the best environment for me to do well this year.”
Crocodile Trophy 2012.  Photo: Crocodile Trophy/Regina StangerRace organiser Gerhard Schönbacher was content on Grassy Hill also, “This year we implemented a lot of new elements in the Crocodile Trophy. More mountain biking tracks, new stage destinations and even though the increased participant number meant a much greater logistical challenge in the Australian Outback, it definitely encourages us to keep improving our event.”
The hardest longest, hottest and most adventurous mountain bike stage race certainly delivered on its promises this year and will be back in Tropical Far North Queensland in 2013 from 19 – 26 October. More Information about the Crocodile Trophy 2012 can be found on the Website. Watch the video below the article.

Crocodile Trophy 2010.  Photo: Event Host

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The 2010 Crocodile Trophy, the ten-day mountain bike race in Australia, is off to a turbulent start. A mudslide caused by heavy rain forced the riders to divert from the original track. Last year's winner, Urs Huber, overcame the forces of nature and won the first race.

Crocodile Trophy 2010.  Photo: Event Host

The Results of the 2010 Crocodile Trophy Ring Déjà Vu

Despite severe flooding and mudslides at the 2010 Crocodile Trophy in Australia, this year's athletes endured it all. The final results of the 10 day bike race are strangely similar to the results of 2009.

photo2 Katy Curd &

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