The Results of the 2010 Crocodile Trophy Ring Déjà Vu

Despite severe flooding and mudslides at the 2010 Crocodile Trophy in Australia, this year's athletes endured it all. The final results of the 10 day bike race are strangely similar to the results of 2009.

Crocodile Trophy 2010.  Photo: Event HostBy midday on the 28th of October, the results were in and all 66 racers of the 2010 Crocodile Trophy had made it across the finish line. The exhausted biking fanatics had traversed 1,200 kilometers and 12,000m in altitude difference.

“This was the most adventurous Crocodile Trophy ever, with many Ups and Downs”, reminisces event organiser Gerhard Schönbacher.

The tragic death of 59-year old Dutch rider Weit Heuker was one of these such Downs. Heuker passed in his sleep due to cardiovascular failure.

Other bumps in the program included last-minute track changes, a mudslide, flooded rivers, and damaged support vehicles.

Coincidentally, the results of the 2010 Crocodile Trophy are the same as in 2009. Urs Huber came in first, Bart Brentjens took second and Mike Mulkens followed in third. The journey towards the podium, however, was incomparably more suspenseful, hotly contested and dramatic.

“I am over the moon to have won the Trophy for the second time. After a long season with lots of highs and lows this is a very reconciliatory finish”, says Urs Huber. The results show that Huber had a lead of 5.17 minutes ahead of the Dutch Bart Brentjens.

Crocodile Trophy 2010.  Photo: Event HostNot only did Urs Huber come in first, but he rode without a personal support team and had to do all preparatory and follow up mechanical jobs by himself, from washing the bike to getting the drinking bottles ready in the morning.

“Of course it is a lot of work. But I think, this way it suits the spirit of the Trophy even better.”

The female category was dominated by Abby McLennan who claimed the title with a considerable lead. She won all nine stages and gained an overall lead of 7:53 hours over Lauretta Howarth and Nancy Carceres.

For the Australian rider, the results of the 2010 Crocodile Trophy were a dream come true.

“Every day I gave my best and tried to stick to fast riding bunches, so that my team mates wouldn't have to work so hard all the time. But now we all deserve a break and then I'll see what lies ahead”, says McLennan.

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