Prague to host 2010 BMX Worlds

International BMX Freestyle Federation (IBMXFF) President Mat Hoffman announced today the location for the 2009 and 2010 IBMXFF World Championships.

Ben Wallace.  Copyright: Pierre MandtThe 2009 BMX Worlds will head back to Cologne, Germany, as Stephan Prantl and company celebrate their 25th anniversary for organizing contests at Cologne’s youth center, Cologne Jugendpark, which began in 1984.

Prantl and Cologne first hosted the BMX World Championships in 1996, and 2009 will mark their sixth time to host the historic event. This year’s event dates will be July 10-12, and disciplines will include Vert, Dirt, Street, Miniramp and Flatland.

The 2010 IBMXFF World Championships will be hosted in the city of Prague, Czech Republic (dates to be determined) and will be organized by Marek Rejman of the Global Sport Marketing Agency.

GSMA has been organizing action and freestyle sports events for the past eight years. Marek and the GSMA hosted the IBMXFF World Championships in 2005.

GSMA is currently developing a freestyle park the size of 22,000 square meters/72,000 square feet. The park is scheduled to welcome riders in 2009 and debut with the IBMXFF World Championships in 2010.

The park is based on the Vltava River, offering great conditions for action sports and many options for dining and entertainment.

The IBMXFF will strive to select the 2011 BMX Freestyle World Championship host by the end of 2009.

Anthoney Napolitan.  Foto: Schelbert

Date for BMX Masters 2010 is fixed!

Round five for the worlds biggest BMX Freestyle Contest will take place July, 16th to 18th in Cologne. Once again the traditional home of BMX Freestyle the Jugendpark will be the hosting for this event.

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Kye Forte.  Copyright: Aundrup

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