BMX Worlds 2009: Get Together of BMX-Generations

BMX Worlds 2009 in Cologne - the world´s best BMX riders come together to compete head-to-head for respect and the championship title. To see how the guys rock, come back and check the results.

At the BMX Worlds taking place at the Jugendpark Cologne July 10th-12th, three generations of BMX riders will compete head-to-head for the championship title. Among those, top pro's hailing from over 30 different nations all across the globe.

BMX World 2009 in Köln.  Foto: funsporting.deFor the better part of a quarter of a century of BMX history, the Jugendpark Cologne and the sport BMX have been the perfect match for each other. Many of this year's contestants weren't even born when the first BMX contest took place at the Jugendpark Köln in 1984. This year's line-up represents the cream of the crop of finest BMX riding. Whether young guns, established pro's or seasoned veterans, with a line-up like this anything is possible.
Next to the top-athletes from the ROCKSTAR Team, Ryan Nyquist, Dennis Enarson, Josh Harrington, Cory Nastazio, Rob Darden (all USA),Alistair Whitton, Ben Wallace (both UK), Colin Mackay and Luke Parslow (both AUS), there is also Daniel Dhers (VEN), Mark Webb, Harry Main, Zach Shaw (all UK), Ricardo Laguna (USA) and Adam Kun (HUN),
who will make each of the 5 disciplines a thrilling mixture of atheltic showmanship and skill.
BMX World 2009 in Köln.  Foto: funsporting.deEspecially exciting, however, is the fact this year's vert contest is packed with athletes of only the best kind. With Jamie Bestwick, we have one of the most successful X-Games participants of the last years, who made it across the big pond for this year's Worlds. Bestwick, who moved from the UK to the USA, will surely know how to keep it exciting between him and Simon Tabron (UK), who is also going for the title. Joining the list of aspiring world champions is Francisco "Coco" Zurita from Chile (2nd place at the BMX 2008) and Vert maniac Ben Snowden (USA). All fans of BMX Vert action, beware!
But not to forget, the girls want the title just as much. We have over 20 female riders competing in 2 disciplines, Park and Flatland. Corey Coffey (USA), Irina Sadovnik (AT) and Rebecca Berg (GER) are top notch, when it comes to international female BMX riding.
Last not least, legendary 80's Haro Freestyle team will deliver one of their furious performances. Especially among older BMX fans, Ron Wilkerson, Brian Blyther and Dave Nourie enjoy as 'special status' as BMX's old school elite.
Mike Dominguez's guest appearance will put a smile on the face of Bob Haro, founder of the team and BMX freestyle icon.

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