BMX Worlds come back to Cologne

After 25 years of BMX at Cologne Jugendpark, there has to be an adequate celebration for this historical anniversary. Due to this the next World Championships will take place in Cologne.

BMX Worlds are coming home.  Copyright: Dan VojtechSuitable for the worldwide unique contest-series of 25 years at Cologne Jugendpark, in 1994, 1996, 2000, 2002 and 2004, the Freestyle BMX World Championships will now come to Cologne for the sixth time.

From 10th to 12th of July 2009, the official BMX Freestyle World Championships of the iBMXFF (international BMX Freestyle Federation) will take place at Jugendpark – the BMX Worlds. Therefore Cologne Jugendpark is manifesting again to be one of the most popular locations of the international BMX-Scene.

Over 300 participants from about 40 nations will start in five BMX Freestyle Disciplines: Park, Dirt, Vert, Miniramp und Flatland. This makes the BMX Worlds the most important BMX Freestyle Event of the year.

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Carlos de Andrade.  Copyright: Organiser

Extreme Playgrounds: 6.500 Skate- and BMX-Fans in Berlin

The Street Session 2008 resumé reads like this: twice as many spectators as last year and roundabout 15.000 fans witnessed this year’s hattrick session Europe’s most successful extreme sports event series has to offer.

Dirt Session 2008.  Copyright: Aundrup

Extreme Playgrounds 2009 ready to rumble

No time for hibernation! After an extremely successful event year in 2008 with a total of 15.000 spectators and two sold-out locations, Extreme Playgrounds brings on three fantastic events in 2009.

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