BMX Masters 2010 without Flatland?

With heavy hearts, the organizers of the BMX Masters 2010 have decided to hold this year's event without Flatland and Vert. Now, it lies in the hands of the Flatland riders to fight against this decision. Rayk Hahne reports.

Flatlšnder Ronny Engelmann.  Foto: PrivatOn April 22, 2010, the BMX Flatland World reached a harrowing message: this year the BMX-Masters can only be held without Vert and Flatland.

A day earlier, it was clear that the BMX Worlds in Prague was not going to happen due to lack of sponsors. The decision at the BMX-Masters is once again based on financial problems. More and more, the economic crisis is affecting people on a personal level.

Many of the sponsored riders have had to make a lot of sacrifices in the past year, including the cancellation of sponsorships.

When I first received the information, I'll admit that I was shocked. My fellow Flatland rider Ronny Engelmann and I quickly concluded that we had to do something. Thus, I wrote a text to share with Flatlanders all over the world, in hope of creating an alternative.

The official reason for cancellation referenced the high grounds costs. Therefore, it was obvious that the contest should be held at the LVR, as in the Master qualification in 2009. This would naturally require some preparation.

The only question Ronny and I had, was if the other riders would support us in our project. The answer was a 1000 percent "Yes". Viki Gomez of Spain, Alex Jumelin from France and Shintaro Misawa from Asia had already made travel plans and were more than willing to join.

The support of the riders was the first step and communication with the BMX-Masters organization was the second. I called the head of games and a glimmer of hope was present throughout the conversation. After nearly 20 minutes, we agreed that we should wait until  May 19th.

Flatlšnder Rayk Hahne.  Foto: PrivatUnofficially, there is still the possibility to have Flatland at Masters. The conversation showed me that the organizers are serious about holding a Flatland event, but unfortunately the funds are just not there.

I want to remind everyone that in 2003 there was only Flatland at the Youth Park. It is up to us, the Flatland community, to show sponsors that the sport is still attractive. Time will tell if our efforts will bear fruit. Let's work together constructively to find new possibilities.

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