BMX Masters 2010: Flatland Is Back in Germany

The efforts of Flatland riders and fans alike have come to fruition. Flatland is back on the schedule at the 2010 BMX Masters in Cologne, Germany.

Sinichi Kiba Photo: Chris Van Hanja/Edgerider/SipaJust a matter of weeks ago the 2010 BMX Masters notified the BMX world that Flatland and Vert would be canceled at the event in Cologne, Germany. 

The event organizers received many messages from riders and members of the Flatland community, expressing their concerns and disappointment with the unfortune news.

Due to their protests, BMX Masters has decided to find a way to save Flatland at the event.

"The Flatland community was very constructive with ideas and help in general," said the event organizers. "It really showed us how much they cared about Flatland being a part of the BMX Masters they made an effort to make it happen!"

With the help of deepBMX and their partner Power Balance, flatland will be held at the 2010 BMX Masters. POWER BALANCE has offered to provide 5.000 € in prize money for the Pro Flat and deepBMX has taken on the organizational costs of the Flatland contest.

Thanks to their generosity and the support of BMX riders and fans, the 2010 BMX Masters will be complete with Flatland.

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With heavy hearts, the organizers of the BMX Masters 2010 have decided to hold this year's event without Flatland and Vert. Now, it lies in the hands of the Flatland riders to fight against this decision. Rayk Hahne reports.

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