Massive Party in Cologne during the BMX Masters 2008

Sunshine paved the way for an extraordinary BMX spectacular. More than 500 riders from 31 nations fooled the forces of gravity and triggered off cheers of ecstasy of more than 14.000 fans. Motivated by enthusiastic ovations the riders were pushed to peak sports performances.

 Foto: Funsporting.comBraun Cruzer Tour
Mark Webb (UK), has ripped on the Braun Ramp since the masters began. This  year he took first with decade tyretaps, crazy flair combos and more. Daniel Dhers (VEN) took second with an unbelievable bag of tricks, 720 over the spine and more, Ben Wallace (UK) rounded out the top 3 with his usual smooth style and 360 combos. For the fourth time Mark Webb took the Overall Champion of the Braun cruZer Tour.

Dirt Jump
Best 18 of the over 60 Pros started at the Dirt Jump Finals. The newly designed Dirt Course under the spectacular Zoobrücke was giving the crowd a perfect view. Ryan Guettler (AUS) was rocking 1080's, a frontflip on the step up and a one hand one foot 720. The incredible Corey Bohan scored with Turn Down Flips. American kid TJ Ellis' smooth style was good enough for third place.

The UK´s Sam Foakes dominated qualifying and finals. Last year "best trick combo" winner brought his own tricks and style to the mix. His cliffhanger and whiplash variations could not be matched. Add to this his ability to stop rolling mid-trick and throw himself into a new link and you have our first place winner! Adam Kun (HUN) always rides good at this contest, and the "Silent Assassin" had a bag full of dialled switches to take second. The  USA's Terry Adams took third, and had the crowd screaming as he threw down his trademark impossible jumping tricks like the Katrina, along with the best facial expressions in the sport!

 Foto: Funsporting.comStreet
The number of participating riders and the level of the pro street contest have never been as high as during this year's Suzuki BMXMasters. The arrangement and the choice of obstacles forced the riders to reveal the very best of their spectrum of tricks. After winning the miniramp contest Mark Webb was that enthusiastic that he seemed to fly across the track with no respect of gravity....until he crashed on his back. Some thousands of spectators didn't dare to breathe until the UK superstar stood up again under rapturous applause. He was brought to hospital, but luckily didn't injure himself severely. Daniel Dhers from Venezuela won the contest, Ben Wallace (GB) placed second and Alessandro Barbero (IT) ranked third.

Simon Tabron (UK) wins the Pro Vert final with tricks like no handed 540, massive airs and a perfect 900. Tabron is one of the few riders who show this trick consistently, and that made the difference between winning and 2nd place. In second place was Francesco "Coco" Zurita. He showed incredible style and high airs and also did awesome double tailwhips landing smooth. In 3rd place was the bmx-legend Kevin Robinson (USA). He did a huge no handed flair, stretched superman, no handers and also managed to pull a tailwhip 540 for his best trick. One other contest highlight was the fact that Jan Valenta from (CZ) rode wearing a spiderman outfit, but he did a superman

On friday the Suzuki BMXMasters Grand Opening Party in the Purple Club was a awsome warm up for the weekend. On the Turn Tables the DJ's Task & Murray from Switzerland and Def Benski rocked the house. Live on stage was the Hip Hop Crew LSD. On Saturday night we raised the roof of the Gloria-Theater at the Official Suzuki BMX´Masters Party with the original guys from "Rhythmus Gymnastik".

Vom 31. Juli bis zum 3. August trifft sich die internationale MTB-Elite zum adidas slopestyle in Saalbach Hinterglemm.  Foto: Veranstalter

2008 adidas Slopestyle course is set

One month prior to the fourth adidas Slopestyle that will take place between 31 July and 3 August 2008 in Saalbach Hinterglemm in Austria’s SalzburgerLand, the 600 metre long Slopestyle course is already built.


Freestyle Bike Elite meets for slopestyle in the Czech Republic

Preparations for the second year of freestyle mountainbike race X Box 360 Slopestyle are in full course. Last year the city of Pisek saw more than thirty riders who performed real wonders on artificial obstacles. The last years' best rider was Damian Širiški from the Czech Republic.

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