2008 adidas Slopestyle course is set

One month prior to the fourth adidas Slopestyle that will take place between 31 July and 3 August 2008 in Saalbach Hinterglemm in Austria’s SalzburgerLand, the 600 metre long Slopestyle course is already built.

 Foto: VeranstalterA ten person freeride crew led by Joscha Forstreuter, Niels Peter Jensen and Niki Leitner has worked a total of 1680 man-hours to complete the spectacular single line course which they believe is the best adidas Slopestyle course ever.

The 2008 adidas Slopestyle course starts with a nice Roll-In that leads into a Wooden Gap Jump (Roller Coaster). After this stylish gap, riders drop down two metres into a berm. From a Tree Step Down they enter the technical part that starts with a real tough right-left-berm-section called Corkscrew. Further down in that section two gaps, ‘Nacho’ and ‘Macho’ are waiting for the Slopestyle and Ticket2Style participants. Macho has a step down distance of about ten metres and Nacho, the little brother, of about five metres. Turning left after the brother gap jumps, riders enter the style part where they go through a berm that ends in the right-hand 90-degree Alm Hip.

After the hip they face the ONE BIG PARK obstacle combo, a satellite dish that takes them on top of an alm hut. There they have two choices that ‘separate the boys from the men’: they either ride on to a drop tower for an eight metre free fall or they choose a four metre drop down into a berm followed by a left-hand turn that brings them back into the big drop landing. Straight after that the Twister, a step up step down box with a twisted platform waits for the guys offering plenty of choices to continue their run. They can jump on top and drop down straight, jump a huge left-hand hip crossing the edge of the Twister or jump on top and drop down to the left.

If they choose the straight line the Flying Wallride is next on route. It brings them down to the Joscha Tree, a massive curved wallride that is fastened to the trees in a height of four metres. Joscha Tree takes them directly down to the Dirt Wiesn. However, some riders may prefer to tap on the Flying Wallride and skip the Joscha Tree to go over a four metre road gap instead that also leads to the Dirt Wiesn.

Whatever their choice will be, the sweet ending of this exciting mix of speed, style and big mountain riding is the Dirt Wiesn. A nice hip takes the freeriders in and the first gap with a seven metre distance followed by a big step up with soft landing will give them the opportunity to complete their run with their favourite and sickest moves.

“This Slopestyle course is the biggest and most diversified, flowy, natural course I’ve ever seen”, raves Joscha Forstreuter. “And I don’t just say that because I was part of the crew who built it – I really mean it. Riders who don’t participate in the adidas Slopestyle this year will miss out on a lot of fun.”

 Foto: Funsporting.com

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