ASA World Championships of FMX: Taka Higashino Wins 2011 Event

The riders' high energy and flair at the 2011 ASA World Championships of Freestyle Motocross kept the Californian fans on their feet throughout the night, but it was Taka Higashino who really made them cheer.

ASA World Championships of FMX 2011.  Photo: Event HostTaka Higashino earned top scores in the 9th Annual ASA World Championships of Freestyle Motocross, defeating the top motorcycle aerialists in the industry.

The extreme rider lineup brought veterans and up-comers together to compete in the head-to-head contest for the Title of World Champion.

Taka Higashino earned the title with his crisp tricks, several different back flip combinations, and creativity on every single jump. Australia’s Rob Adelberg claimed second and Todd Potter rounded out the podium.

The FMX athletes pulled out all the stops to show off huge tricks, combinations, extensions and upside down tricks. All of the riders had their 240-pound bikes flying up to 120 feet to prove who had the skills to take the win.

The event featured a head-to-head contest, with first place from each round advancing to the semi-finals and then on to the final heat. The contest was judged on the tricks performed during their best run.

“Coming into the final I thought it was Adelberg’s night to win,” said Head Judge Chuck Carothers. “Higashino pulled out some tricks we hadn’t seen and had a great 75-second run.”

ASA World Championships of FMX 2011.  Photo: Event HostIn the earlier rounds of the 2011 ASA World Championships of Freestyle Motocross, Libor Podmol showed everyone that he deserved his spot in the contest by performing big underflips and back flip variations. Podmol continues to impress the industry and fans alike with his growth in turn around on technical tricks.


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