ASA Big Air BMX Triples 2010: Event Announcement

Get ready, get set, because this years ASA BMX Triples is just around the corner. BMX pros will fly high as they perform mind-boggling aerials in this Big Air competition of 2010.

ASA Big Air BMX Triples 2010.  Photo: event hostThe 2010 ASA Big Air BMX Triples is set to begin on March 20, as BMX riders of X Games gather at Northern Illinois University’s Convocation Center to compete in the first event.

For one night only, the world’s best BMX pros will show off their stunts in this intense BMX competition!

The twelve athletes competing at Northern Illinois University in the first ASA BMX Triples event of the year are:

Austin Coleman Lake Forest, California

Scotty Cranmer Howell, New Jersey

Rob Darden Concord, California

Daniels Dhers Caracas, Venezuela

Brandon Dosch Lake Orion, Michigan

Dennis Enarson San Diego, California

Ryan Guettler Queensland, Australia

Koji Kraft Addison, Illinois

Craig Mast Champion, Ohio

Ryan Nyquist Los Gatos, California

Colton Satterfield Salt Lake City, Utah

Zack Warden O’Fallon, Illinois

The list of superstar talent includes the winners of four previous ASA BMX Triples contests: Darden (Cincinnati, OH 2008), Enarson (Glendale, AZ 2007), and Guettler (Minneapolis, MN and Costa Mesa, CA 2009), as well as X Games Medalists Nyquist, Cranmer and Dhers, and local heroes Kraft and Warden.

The ASA BMX Triples showcases the most elite riders in BMX, challenging the athletes’ combined box jumping and dirt jumping skills over a completely unique 180 ft. long wooden course.

ASA Big Air BMX Triples 2010.  Photo: event hostMomentum from the 25 ft. tall roll-in ramp propels them over two 25 ft. wide jumps and a massive course-ending quarter-pipe. The riders attack the course, throwing down three back-to-back tricks in quick succession, displaying the technique, control, daring and style that make them the sports’ best.

These riders will test their biking limits in this event that you won't want to miss. The ASA 2010 BMX Triples event begins on Saturday, March 20, at 7:30 pm.

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