2010 BMX Freestyle Worlds In Prague Cancelled

Due to lack of sponsors, the 2010 BMX Freestyle Worlds in Prague has been cancelled for this year and no substitute event seems to be in the plans.

The 2010 BMX Freestyle Worlds event in Prague was hanging by a thread and a thin one at that.  It is no surprise that the event has unfortunately fallen through the cracks. 

The economic crisis has once again struck in the night, robbing BMX fans and compitetors of a freestyle event with lots of potential.  Cancellation of the event was unavoidable.  

The bottom line is that the 2010 Worlds simply could not find enough sponsers to provide financial support.  Ticket sales and profits from the event would have never been enough to cover all the costs.  Also, the Prague government is currently in no position to shell out the money.

Despite the lack of sponsors and the unpleasant cancellation of the BMX Freestyle Worlds, the city of Prague has a lot to offer BMX riders and extreme sport lovers.

The concrete monstrosity that is the Stalin Monument in Prague is a common place for BMX riders and skateboarders from all over the world to hone in their skills. The Mystic Skatepark, where the World Cup Skateboarding events have been held, is also one of the largest extreme sport attractions in Eastern Europe.

BMX fans and competitors alike are disappointed by the cancellation. The BMX Freestyle Worlds in Prague will not take place in 2010, but when the money is not there, there is little that can be done.


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